The Invisible War


One Nurse.

Trillions of microbes.

A deadly WWI battle...

France, 1916. While treating a patient with dysentery, Sister Annie Barnaby encounters a strain of lethal bacteria. As the invaders journey deep into her gut, the resident microbes must fight to survive. Annie’s life hangs in the balance.

Enter the phage, deadly predators, ready to wage war to protect their host.

Created by a team of scientists, artists, educators, writers & historians, The Invisible War is a graphic novel like no other.


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The Invisible War in 85 seconds...

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The Invisible War - a tale on two scales

Copyright, Scale Free Network, 2019.

Copyright, Scale Free Network, 2019.

  • ISBN: 978-0-9925872-5-3 (print)

  • ISBN: 978-0-9925872-4-6 (eBook)

  • Australian Publisher: Scale Free Network

  • RIghts enquiries: Jenny Rosson –

  • North American Publisher: Lerner Books (Graphic Universe)

  • Australian Distributor: Booktopia

  • RRP Price: AUD$24.95

  • Category: Science-History

  • Format: A4 (210 x 297mm)/88 pages/paperback

  • For Ages: 11+ years

  • Author: Ailsa Wild (with Dr. Jeremy Barr)

  • Illustrator: Ben Hutchings