The Invisible War


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The following short videos were recorded at the launch of The Invisible War on August 20, 2016 at the Royal Society of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. The videos feature a panel discussion of the book creators - Ailsa Wild, Ben Hutchings, Briony Barr and Gregory Crocetti - hosted by the ABC Radio National Science Show host, Robyn Williams, along with the official launch speech of the graphic novel by the former Victoria premier, the Hon Ted Baillieu.


The Origins of The Invisible War

The artists tell the story of how we created The Invisible War. We address such questions as: where did our inspirations come from? How did we conduct our research? And what was the process of collaboration like?


The Roles of Microbes

What is a phage and what is its relationship to dysentery? We talk with Dr. Jeremy Barr, whose research inspired The Invisible War, about some of the science behind the story.


Telling Women's Stories

Why did we choose a woman as our human protagonist? And what impact did that have on the young people who provided feedback on our draft story? One student talks about what it meant for her.

The History behind the Story

Why has the role of disease in war been so overlooked? Ted Baillieu takes us through some of the statistics and talks about the importance of telling this story in graphic novel format.